Onyx Guelph offers the bottle service experience with three tiers to choose from for you and your friends to make a night truly special. Click on a tier below to see what the packages include, make selections and to reserve today.

Packages do not include Ace of Spades champagne. Additional bottles may be purchased.

Onyx is permitted to serve one bottle at a time to groups of 4-10 patrons. Groups of 11-20 patrons are permitted 2 bottles to be served at a time. Onyx reserves the right to deny the sale of bottles of alcohol to any patron or remove any bottles of alcohol from any table at any time. No pouring of alcohol directly from a bottle into another patron's mouth. No drinking directly from any bottle of alcohol. Please do not spray champagne. Bottle Service ends at 1:15am without any exception. All patrons must be at least 19 years of age.